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Singer-Songwriter Monique McCall began her recording career while performing a six-month exclusive run for Costa Cruise Lines, selling out nightly. This smashing success led to Grammy-award winning producers Rudy Perez and Joel Numa bringing to life her multilingual effort, “Dove il Mio Amore” to European Audiences. In 2017, Monique followed her heart and joined forces with Grammy Award writer Skidd Mills, and Grammy Nominated Producer Bryan Todd on a new Country full-length project, showing her down home roots. Upon arrival back to the U.S, “Monique penned the first single from this effort, “Feel like Florida”, an ode to her home state and perfect kick off to Summer.

Her expansive range, stunning stage presence, and dynamic showmanship, are a few of the reasons audiences are left wanting more. A former Ms. Connecticut, she was signed by Bacardi as one of their featured recording artists, in recognition of her ability to cross all cultures through her music.

Monique also likes to lend her talent and time to charity and in 2018, Monique was nominated for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s “Woman of the Year” for her efforts, as well as being a featured performer at the Annual Gala for the Susan B. Komen Organization.

Fun Facts!

MONIQUE McCALL grew up in CONNECTICUT with four siblings.

She was a RUNWAY MODEL in Milan and is FLUENT in ITALIAN

Someone once told her they liked her SHIRT. She TOOK IT OFF and gave it to them.

She wrote the song “HERE WITH ME” with Mercury 7 ASTRONAUT SCOTT CARPENTER and performed it on the USS INTREPID in New York for the 50th anniversary of his APOLLO 7 launch.

She’s considered a master of the BEST WORST JOKES. Ask her about the ALLIGATOR wearing a VEST.

She’s been called “FIVE MINUTE MONIQUE” because that’s how long it takes her to get ready.

She still sends HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU notes…but…nobody can read them because she has TERRIBLE hand WRITING.

She spent a week in the DESERT OF UTAH excavating DINOSAUR BONES.


She continues to prove anything can sound INAPPROPRIATE by adding “IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN” to the end of it.

She overcame DOMESTIC ABUSE, which formed the foundation for her platform: teaching WOMEN SELF WORTH.

Her BEST FRIEND is 75.

She was the CAPTAIN of her High School track team and an ALL-STATE runner.

She volunteers her time and talent for a variety of CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS, including The American RED CROSS, The Susan G. KOMEN Foundation, The EDUCATION Foundation, and The VETERANS Association.